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Southeastern Massachusetts Emergency Communications Center

SEMRECC has been the primary emergency services answering point for Bristol County, Foxborough PD/FD, Easton PD/FD, Mansfield PD/FD, and Norton PD/FD since 2019


SEMRECC In The Spotlight

Sen. Paul Feeney

SEMRECC is a place “that’s going to save lives..  . .  hope this will be a model across the state,” 


The heart of the facility is the state-of-the-art communications center which is surrounded by administrative, training, technology equipment, and recovery. The new building is not only designed to address the technical and programmatical needs of the district, but also the social/emotional riggers associated with emergency communications.

Public Managment
Program Excellence Award

Considering the full array of benefits from this venture, one would be hard-pressed to find a more successful and cost-effective example of regional cooperation anywhere in the country

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